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Front Range Community College - Programs & Degrees (9)

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Find What's Waiting for You

Maybe you know exactly what you want. Maybe you need a little help figuring it out. Either way, Front Range Community College has the programs and courses that make your future a lot clearer. And online, part-time and hybrid options give you the flexibility to pursue a degree even if you're holding down a job or raising a family.

Front Range Community College - Programs & Degrees (10)

Explore Programs

Choice is powerful—and with 200 degrees and certificates, Front Range Community College gives you as many options as you can imagine.

We offer so many academic choices because there is no right way to do college. At FRCC, build an education that works for your unique goals, and our advisors will help you pick the path that's right for you.

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Discover Your Path

At FRCC, we have created six communities that are made up of similar fields of study. Whether you want to work in health care, business, education, or another career field, your community will provide you with faculty experts, helpful resources, step-by-step support, and a connection to students just like you. Explore our different communities below, and find the right degree program for you.

Earn A Bachelor's Degree at FRCC

FRCC offers three bachelor's degree programs—with more on the way. Flexible, affordable and supportive, these programs set you up for success with smaller class sizes, personalized attention and supports in and out of the classroom.

Learn More About FRCC Bachelor's Degrees

Chart a Different Course

Life's complicated, but earning a college degree or completing a career-launching certificate doesn't have to be. Our main goal is to help you get to the finish line—no matter how you run the race. These learning options show just how flexible an FRCC education can be.


Start learning (and earning) on the job while you're still taking classes at FRCC.

Continuing Education

Start learning (and earning) on the job while you're still taking classes at FRCC.

Concurrent Enrollment

High school students can earn college credits before you graduate high school—and save tuition once you go to college.

ESL Classes

Beginner, intermediate and advanced ESL classes help improve your reading, writing and speaking skills.

Fast-Track Manufacturing Training

Learn the skills to advance your career in machining or manufacturing with our non-credit evening and weekend classes.

GED Testing

Obtain your High School Equivalency diploma through FRCC's HSE preparation classes and exams.

Front Range Community College - Programs & Degrees (17)

Support from Start to Finish

You've got what it takes to succeed in college. Even if you've struggled with school in the past, we'll find the keys to make learning work for you. Career and academic advisors can map out your future before classes even start. And if you need help along the way, faculty, peer tutors and others are ready to step in.

Additional Resources

Ready to start? We'll help you remember important dates, sketch out a course schedule and register for classes.

Academic Calendar

Discover when classes start and end, holidays, tuition deadlines and other important dates.

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Class Schedule

Explore when and where classes are offered. Or view our course catalog and guaranteed transfer class list.

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Class Registration

Learn how to register for your courses. Learn about prerequisites, waitlists and adding or dropping classes too.

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Special Programs

  • Amazon Choice Program
  • No-Cost Training Opportunities
  • Metallica Scholars Program
Front Range Community College - Programs & Degrees (2024)
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