Walmart Grocery Store: Order Groceries Online or Shop In-Store (2024)

Welcome to Walmart Grocery: Canada's grocery store

Walmart Grocery is Canada’s grocery store offering groceries and household essentials at everyday low prices. Find all the grocery staples you need to get your family through the busy week ahead. The best part? You can shop in-store at Walmart near you or save time by shopping online at or from the Walmart Canada mobile shopping and grocery app, right from the comfort of home!

Order fresh groceries online for Pickup or Delivery

At Walmart, our goal is to provide Canadians with easy access to groceries at the same everyday low prices Canadians expect from Walmart Canada. That’s why we’re proud to offer easy Grocery Pickup and Grocery Delivery services in cities across the nation. With FREE* Grocery Pickup, you choose a pickup date and time at your nearest Walmart store, place your order, and then we prepare your order for your arrival. With Grocery Delivery,** we deliver the groceries right to your door.

5 Benefits of online grocery shopping

There are many benefits to shopping for groceries online. Here are five reasons why we know you are going to love online grocery shopping with Walmart Canada.

  1. Save time & money. With online grocery shopping, our trained associates do all the grocery shopping for you, so you avoid long commutes, lineups, and wandering aisles to find products. Plus, you still get the same low prices you would find in-store!
  2. Freshness guaranteed. Our associates are trained to pick the freshest groceries for your order and to pack them with care. If our choices don’t meet your standards for freshness, we guarantee your money back.
  3. Substitutions. Opt-in to substitutions during checkout on your whole order or select items. If an item is unavailable, we will choose an equal or better item at no additional charge.
  4. Easy reorder. Rather than refilling your cart each time you shop, select Easy Reorder to start from a previous order. This saves you time and from forgetting favourite items.
  5. Great selection. From fresh produce, meat, and dairy products to pantry stapes and frozen favourites, shop for all your groceries in one easy place from the comfort at home. You can be assured that all temperature sensitive groceries will be held at the required temperatures, as laid out by the health department and as part of our 100% freshness guarantee.

Shop our online grocery aisles

Whether you want fresh ingredients for home cooking, quick and easy frozen meals for busy evenings, or grab-and-go snacks for school lunches, you will find all of this and more when you shop the online grocery aisles at Learn about our online grocery aisles below.

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Yes, you can order fresh fruits and vegetables online! At Walmart Grocery, you will find nutritious leafy greens for salads, hearty potatoes for roasting or mashing, and pre-cut veggies like squash, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms for easy sides. Shop for your favourite fresh fruits as well, including peaches, apples, and cherries. Be sure to look for seasonal Canadian produce!

Fresh dairy & eggs

Enrich your meals with fresh dairy products and eggs. Choose from a wide selection of cheeses to top casseroles, sandwiches, and pizzas. Find your favourite variety of milk and cream, as well as a wide selection of dairy-free alternatives. Buy butter or margarine for spreading on toast, melting over steamed veggies, or adding to baking. Finally, add a carton of fresh whole eggs to your cart for breakfast and baking.

Fresh meat & seafood

Make delicious mains with fresh meat and seafood. Discover a variety of beef cuts, including ground beef and steaks. Find juicy bone-in and boneless chicken breasts and thighs. Explore our selection of hot dogs and sausages for summertime grilling. Finally, browse our fresh fish and seafood, and don't miss our selection of Canadian meats!

Pantry staples & snacks

Stock up on every day pantry foods. From yeast and flour to sprinkles and frosting, find all your baking needs. Discover chips and snacks from top brands to curb your hunger. Find a wide selection of dry pasta, rice, and beans, as well as marinades, condiments, and spices to add flavours to meals. Stock up on canned foods, such as veggies, soups, stews, and chilis for quick meals. Finally, find the breakfast cereals your family loves!

Frozen foods

You can still order frozen foods and meals online for Grocery Delivery or Pickup. We pack these items in special carriers to maintain their temperatures. Stock up on pre-made frozen pizzas or frozen lasagnas for evenings when you are short on time. Find frozen vegetables to add nutritious sides to nightly meals without the hassle. Browse frozen breakfast foods, such as sausages, biscuits, frittatas, and waffles for easier mornings. Finally, add frozen treats and ice cream to your cart to satisfy your sweet tooth.

*Excludes PenguinPickUp and Express Grocery Pickup. Must have a minimum order value of $35 (before taxes & fees).

**Must have a minimum order value of $35 (before taxes & fees). Delivery fees apply. Delivery availability varies by city. See our Help Centre for more information.

Walmart Grocery Store: Order Groceries Online or Shop In-Store (2024)
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